Tools & Resources


Commute Tracker by RideAmigos

Connect to account to the Commute Tracker by RideAmigos to automatically track your commutes.

Memphis Area Rideshare

Go here to find resources to carpool and vanpool to work. Shelby County Health Department Air Quality improvement Branch even has stipends to make your trip to work more affordable! Go to Memphis Area Rideshare.


Learn how much money you are spending by driving every day to work and how much you could be saving by using Commute options! Go to Calculator.


Track your fitness activity, record your run, map a cycling route, and analyze your training with all the stats - for free! Download the app.

TransLoc Rider

TransLoc Rider makes riding MATA easier. Download the app to put yourself in control with real-time updates and tools to get you where you need to go. Download the app.

The Air Today

Check on the air quality of Shelby County today and contribute to make it cleaner by riding your Commute Options. Check Air Quality.