Commuting by public transit is the perfect way to make the best use of your time while saving on transportation costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

Commuting by bus is especially easy with apps such as TransLoc Rider, which lets you quickly locate specific routes and stops and see the location of any bus in your vicinity. It provides real-time updates with your bus’s location and alerts to tell you when your bus is approaching.

Using public transit gives you more productive travel time, allowing you to work smarter by staying connected through your mobile device. You can use that extra drive-free time to get a head start on your workday by checking emails or working on your laptop.

You can also use that extra time to check in with your friends on social media or simply relax by reading a book or enjoying the views. Since you don’t have to keep your eyes on the road, you might see parts of the city for the first time or see them with fresh eyes.

Even taking public transit two days a week can save you money on fuel, parking and car maintenance and reduce the environmental impact of single-occupancy commuting. Get on board!

Funding public transit is imperative for a successful, livable Memphis. If you agree, please read this white paper to learn more.