The Fuel-less Pledge is a simple commitment to actively use less fuel by exploring transportation options whether traveling to work during the week or running errands over the weekend. Anytime you take options other than driving alone, you are going fuel-less! If you’ve been meaning to get more exercise or if the thought of finding parking at an event gives you anxiety, it’s time to take the pledge!

Why Make the Fuel-less Pledge?

To improve physical and mental health. To save money on parking and fuel. To help reduce your impact on climate change. To make our streets safer. To support public transit and meet neighbors. To see more in Memphis. The reasons are as endless as the pledges.


There are plenty of ways to use transportation choices and plenty of places to go. Festivals and events are one place to start (after all, who wants to find parking at a festival). Here is a list of upcoming festivals and events where our Commute Options staff will be working; come check in with us, get tips and tricks, and tell us how it went!