The Commute
May 1 – May 31
Was a Hit! 

The results are in! The final grand prize winners will be
announced soon. During May, Memphians gave up driving
alone for transit, cycling, carpooling and walking to work. The
meter displays the results of the four-week challenge.
Congratulations to everyone who participated! Use the
momentum built in May to keep choosing commute options
and watch the difference it makes in your pockets, health
and the environment!

Although the Challenge is over, our team is here to support
worksites and encourage commute options.
Contact  for more
information about our worksite programs.

Together, we logged

15, 706 miles
using transportation options other than driving alone

Together, we saved

727 gallons of gas
using EPA averages

Together, we diverted

6.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide
equal to the amount of carbon sequestered by 6.1 acres of US forests in one year